Château d’Esclimont Wedding

In June, here is a Korean American wedding day. Two ceremonies were held in the castle: a wedding celebration in the American tradition and a Korean traditional costume celebration for our two married. Rainy weather did not stop our married to enjoy this day full of fun and emotion, thank you to them for their good mood!

wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-1 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-2 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-3 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-4 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-5 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-6 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-7 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-8 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-10 wedding-chateau-d-esclimont-11
©Wedding photography at the Château d’Esclimont