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Portrait of pregnancy: a moving and magical memories

Pregnancy is a time of particularly magical life that deserves to be immortalized in the studio as well for you and your family and more for your future child is not overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of a picture his pregnant mother? And when the portrait is a timeless image and out of fashion, this memory is a real heritage value. Alone and with the future dad, a studio session with us is held in privacy and smoothly, our photographic approach is to highlight the influence on our image of this unique stage of life of a woman, her sensuality, her personality.

pregnancy portrait studio

Some guidelines for a perfect result: think ahead and instead joined in matching outfit. For future moms, with the aim of showing the round belly and make it stand out on the images, do not put clothes that leave marks on the stomach, so that the skin is smooth. Of course, all these little instructions you will be reminded at the time of appointment outlet.

A pregnant woman in a studio portrait session lasts an hour, we organize portraits of both prospective parents and portraits of the future mom alone with A Work on the expression and look forward with implementation of the belly. Together, we are your attitudes and held in accordance with your wishes, enhance skin and curves while respecting modesty. The session is 350 € and includes the DVD of all images (about 40) in high definition and copyright free. Files are slightly retouched and optimized for our rendering and contrast this elegant black and white that made our trademark.

pregnancy studio

Want to know more about our sessions 9 months in the studio?

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask any questions and arrange a shoot. The ideal is to plan the session when the belly is round, from the 7th month rule. To see more pictures of our pregnant woman in studio sessions, please visit the dedicated category on our blog.