Wedding at La Vigne de Paris-Bagatelle

Here is a beautiful and intime wedding in Paris with a ceremony at the amazing Musée Rodin and a wedding party at La Vigne de Paris-Bagatelle. This beautiful day was organized by Dreams in Paris wedding planner. Enjoy the photos!

“Merci merci merci!!  The photos are amazing! They capture all of the emotion and joy of that day- not just ours, but our guests’ as well.  Thank you for blessing our day with your artistry, talent, and kindness.  It was truly a pleasure!  E+K”


wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-1 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-3 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-4 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-5 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-6 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-7 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-8 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-9 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-10 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-11 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-12 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-13 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-14 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-15 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-16 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-17 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-18 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-19 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-20 wedding-vigne-paris-bagatelle-21© Studio Cabrelli wedding photographer in Paris at La Vigne de Paris-Bagatelle