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How do you approach reportage wedding photography?

Our approach is essentially based on the human aspect. Our goal is to faithfully tell the story of your special day, photograph your loved ones and highlight all the energy you put into the organisation and styling of your evening party. Of course, we take the greatest care in reporting all the official moments by adding an extra touch of glamour and humour thanks to the recording of furtive yet essential moments such as the exchange of glances during the ceremony, the fits of laughter and tears of your loved ones and all those moments that add flavour to your day. We are very sensitive to the legacy value of your wedding pictures and will strive to create timeless images that will stay with you for ever and that you will love passing down. Our goal is for you to relive your special day through our images and rediscover the memories of your loved ones. The three words that best define our style are natural, glamour and humour!

Is it possible to know whether Maria or Dominique will cover our wedding?

Of course it is. We always organise an appointment with either of us. You may also book both of us for an even more spectacular result and flexibility of organisation. Please be aware that it has to be both of us for weddings that take place abroad and weddings with over 300 guests.

What is your experience?

We both hold a degree in photography and have always worked full-time as professional photographers. Dominique launched Studio Cabrelli in 1995, Maria joined him 2002 and since then we have covered weddings of all styles and religions, everywhere in France and abroad. We are listed by numerous venues (the Four Seasons Hôtel George V in Paris, the Résidence du Cap Brun and Les Pins Penchés in Toulon, the Auberge des Adrets in the Var region, the Château de Pont Royal in Aix-en-Provence, the Domaine des Andéols in the Luberon…), by reputed caterers (Marrou, Roland Paix, Gaudefroy Réception) and by renowned wedding planners (Bulle et Tulle, Mariage dans L’Air, Dreams in Paris, Un Mariage sans Nuages, Autour d’une Histoire). We have covered weddings of various denominations everywhere in France and abroad, weddings with two people or weddings with 800 guests, ceremonies on a beach, or in magnificent abbeys, restaurants, Provencal farmhouses, private estates or castles, in summer as well as in winter. We have a perfect knowledge of wedding codes and this command allows us to take funny, moving or quirky images that will easily add flavour to our reportage. We are very careful to photograph your guests and especially your close family because weddings are first and foremost a family affair.

Our experience remains our best reference and materialises through our clients’ word of mouth who will recommend us to their friends and family: it is such a great pleasure to follow a whole group of friends or siblings over several years!

Will it be the same photographers in Paris and Arles?

Yes it will. You are guaranteed to have either Maria or Dominique Cabrelli at your wedding in Paris, Tour, Aix en Provence or Cannes…

For a wedding in the PACA region, will the travel expenses be calculated from Paris?

No they won’t. For Provence weddings travel expenses are always calculated from Arles where we have a studio.

Where can we meet you?

We share our time between Paris and Arles-en-Provence. We have a showroom in each city so we can meet you by appointment either in Paris in the 18th arrondissement or in Arles at the heart of the historical centre.

How do you work?

We use various techniques: photojournalism, portrait, fashion and illustration. We are equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment and will always favour natural light which is why we very rarely use our flashes. This technique allows us to preserve the natural and spontaneous aspect of each scene and guarantees great discretion particularly during ceremonies. For the few posed photos (such as portraits and family photos) we will deal with everything and do our best to make you feel comfortable. For photos requiring a flash, we will work using a personal technique that will guarantee a soft and flattering finish for images that will be beautiful during the day and during the night.

Wedding photographer in Provence, Lubéron

Have you got back-up equipment in case of a problem?

Yes we do. It is absolutely necessary in our profession where we have an obligation of result. We have the best professional equipment which allows us to take beautiful images regardless of the weather.

Is it possible

Do you take traditional family portraits?

We will take as many traditional photos as necessary (such as the exchange of rings, the signature of the register, group photos with your close family, etc.) We will be at your service to take all the group photos that you want. We always discuss this ahead of D-day in order for us to know your wishes and, if need be, organise the photos as well as possible and integrate them in the schedule of your day.

Wedding group pictures in Provence

We don’t want to pose / We are not photogenic, what are your options?

To begin with, deciding to choose reportage wedding photography will let you experience your event without feeling you have to pose. Our experience and discretion will let you be completely at ease. For posed photos and portraits, it is our role and responsibility as professional photographers to show you in your best light and guide you. Remember that there are no non-photogenic people, only bad photographers!

Our couple portrait sessions are very short so that you will not spend too much time away from your guests. We will be guiding you gently in a way that will make you have a good time and have a lovely memory of yourselves as bride and groom. With elegance and sobriety in mind, our idea is to simply bring out your complicity and the attention you gave to your outfits with beautiful light.

If you really don’t want to pose at all it is absolutely fine but we will always suggest you did at least one group photo with your close circle of loved ones (parents, witnesses, siblings, grand-parents); well organised beforehand, this session will be the only little obligation of the day and experience tells us that the photos with our loved ones will be an essential memory not only for you, but also for them. In any case, it is important to discuss these things together prior to D-day because each wedding and couple is unique.

Do we own our images?

Our packages include the handover off all the high resolution photos as well as free of rights within private circles. We will take a lot of photos on the day of the wedding and after a selection we will usually deliver an average of 500 free of rights photos (700 to 1,000 if both of us are covering the event) on a high resolution DVD which will allow you to copy and develop them as many times as you want.

Moreover, it should be noted that we take great care in the processing of the images: contrast, colorimetry and optimisation are performed manually on each of the 500 files that will be delivered to you, which will guarantee the best quality, identical to what you can see on our website and our blog.

What services do you offer?

At the end of your wedding reportage, we will send you a link to a slide show that will summarise your day with music. The slide show is a dynamic and lovely thing to watch and will allow you to relive your day and share memories with your guests. Your high resolution images will be sent to you either on a DVD or through an ftp transfer, whichever way suits you best. A private gallery with all the images will also be available which will be very useful for your guests to choose the images they want. We are attached to the importance of real paper prints and also offer a traditional album to keep your memories. We can also give you a list of excellent service providers (video, DJ, wedding planner, beautician). If you wish to use it, our event experience also allows us to coach you in the organisation of your day.

Do you offer Save the Date sessions before the wedding?

You need portraits to illustrate your wedding announcement or you want to enjoy a romantic photo shoot before D-day? We offer all kinds of Save the Date sessions: portraits in Provence for a pastoral session in south of France postcard-worthy settings, or studio portrait sessions for a beautiful , timeless and elegant black and white portrait, you will be spoilt for choice according to your style and desires. Click on the following links to see examples of our Save the Date sessions in Paris, portrait sessions in Provence and studio Save the Date sessions.

How long after our wedding will we be able to see the photos?

Depending on the season you get married we will deliver the gallery of all your images and your internet slide show between 3 and 8 weeks after your wedding. We always do our best to shorten the delivery time but we always take our time to carefully optimise and select your images.

How do we book your services? Do you take a deposit?

We will fill in a contract together and will ask for a €700 deposit to definitely secure the date.

Can we get an estimate of your prices?

Our prices start at €2,900 for a 12-hour reportage during high season (May-October). The easiest thing to do is to send us an email with the date and location of your wedding and we will send you a complete document with a detailed list of our services.

When should we pay for the remaining balance?

The remaining balance is due on the day of the wedding.

How many photos will you take at our wedding?

We take a lot of photos (around 3,000) during the reportage with a view to presenting you a final selection of around 500 images. There is no limit to the amount of photo we take so we will take as many as needed.

How long before our wedding should we book you?

Depending on the date of your wedding, it would be an average of 6 months to a year. Bear in mind that weekends in May, June, July and September are in high demand every year so we would advise you to book your service providers as soon as possible after your venue is booked to ensure that they will be available for you.

Will you travel to shoot our wedding? What are the conditions?

We will be glad to travel in France and abroad to shoot your wedding. We only request that you pay for travel and housing expenses.

We cannot meet before the wedding, can we organise it by phone or email?

Of course! Everything can be organised by mail, email or by phone.

Do you only do wedding photography?

We also do advertising photography, corporate and private portraits, corporate photography, event photography and photo illustration. You can visit our website dedicated to professionals to have a look at the other side of our work. We are also travelling enthusiasts and share all our images on our blog, so don’t hesitate to have a look at it to see our day-to-day creations. 

Do you have other questions or would you like to meet us? Please contact us and we will make sure to reply to you as soon as possible.

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