portrait enfant en studio

We have implemented our gaze access to the personality of children portrait studio: an elegant black and white, beautiful expressions, intense eyes, we see in some portraits a draft of the adult in the making. Remember great family heritage to preserve and share. In today’s world where photography was totally unmarked and has become a daily reflex, the studio portrait brings yet another dimension, a gain artistic.

portrait enfant paris

For babies , it’s a very fun moment, fast enough because we must admit that it is they who decide the course of the session, session goes smoothly thanks to the help of parents. For kids, everything is possible in a good atmosphere, we can start to play with personality, expressions, attitudes. From 6 years, the dialogue is done alone and you can really have fun searching the whole range of expression of the child, to capture his character.

portrait studio enfant

We oftel think to organize a portrait session when the child is a baaby, at the age when it changes so fast, but teens are also very interesting times to photograph. Brothers and sisters sets are stunning images, a wonderful keepsake for their families but also for themselves: images that will follow them into adulthood and throughout their lives.

portrait enfant studio

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone to find out more about our sessions of black and white portraits or to know our availabilities on Paris but also Arles in Provence, where we also have a photographic studio.