Studio couple photography session: an experience to share

A couple studio portrait session lasts about an hour, during which time we will guide you and to stage to bring out all your complicity and personality of your partner. Still attached to the force of light, it is with all our knowledge we all realize a portrait that will fashions and trends, a character portrait, timeless. A great experience to live together.

You are going to get married and looking for an idea to make your save the date… and why not a studio portrait? A couple photography session is a good way to celebrate your engagement.

Simplicity and elegance are our watchwords: silhouette, gestures and especially looks are highlighted in a delicate staging which corresponds to the holding of each. No compulsory figures, each session is unique for each couple, we put you in a good mood stage for this meeting be a great time, a pleasant experience and a beautiful memory.

Against a light or dark background, in Paris or Arles, we welcome you in one of our two studios, with a warm and intimate atmosphere. No special instructions, just to prefer plain outfits that more easily highlight faces and in which you are at ease. You are invited to come with 2 or 3 changes of clothes for different atmospheres. A slight retouch is applied on the very high definition digital files to perfect your image and correct small skin defects.

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Want to know more about our sessions couple studio?

Rates starts at 390€, do not hesitate to contact us to ask any questions or to arrange a meeting in Paris and Arles. You can find more details on our page dedicated to our offers and rates, you can also see on this page a gift voucher is available on request if you want to offer a session at your half.