Romantic photo session engagement in Paris by day…

Engagement photo session in Paris

Not just a set of souvenir photos, but rather a real photo shoot, full of glamour and in the style of a fashion shoot, in the most scenic landmarks of Paris.

As professional photographers based in Paris, we specialize in photos of couples with the unique and magnificent background of the city of Paris, a must have for all those that just love the city of lights !
The idea is to use the very special Parisian ambiance and the superb monuments of the city as if it were a movie set.

We take photos of couples in black and white for a timeless Paris, in color for a vintage Paris, or by night to take advantage of the very unique lighting the city has to offer. We offer a real photo shoot for couples in Paris as the sun sets and not only use the romantic sunset background but also the lights of the old fashioned lampposts so typical of Paris, that once night falls adds a touch of candlelit romance to the streets of Paris.
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Elopement, vow renewal, intimate pre-wedding and photo session in Paris

Before your wedding, for your engagement, to use on your invitations or wedding website, for your glamour pre-wedding, for your intimate wedding, your vow renewal and elopement, or just for the pleasure of discovering Paris in a different way, treat yourself to a romantic walk, hand in hand, in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. A photo shoot in Paris lasts at least 3 hours. We make sure to select carefully the nicest angles, the most romantic lights for a successful portrait shooting around the city all the while choosing our favorite settings, the squares that will make you the most photogenic… We of course ask you if you have any special areas in the city that having a personal meaning for you: maybe you proposed in Paris and want to have some photos where this special moment took place?
As portrait specialists, we do our outmost to make you feel comfortable and we direct the photo shoot in order to get the best professional results.

The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, the Alexander III bridge, Montmartre with the Sacre Coeur, all these landmarks will be used as a background to a very tasteful photo shooting. You could also consider having not only a photo shoot in Paris by day, for the more traditional photos you need, but also having a photo shoot by night where Paris becomes a real movie set. With the magnificent lampposts of the Alexander III bridge, the Eiffel Tower sparkling every hour starting at 9pm, the vintage ambiance of the docks of the river behind Notre Dame or in front of the Louvre museum, this romantic walk by night is the perfect setting for spectacular photos, a post card souvenir of Paris in love.

We have been offering this service for years now. Couples from all over the world contact us for a portrait session by day or night around Paris: USA, Canada, China, the UK, Ireland, Turkey and more, a real melting pot of photo sessions in Paris! Paris is really the most romantic city in the world, a must see for couples that wish to celebrate their love. Many come before their wedding in order to have photos for their engagement or to show them during their wedding reception to their guests. Others come to Paris after their wedding, for their honeymoon and bring their wedding dress and suit for a very special photo shoot or why not for a second symbolic elopement ceremony in a city that attracts happy couples in love.

Engagement photo in Paris with a touch of vintage style

You are planning your wedding in Paris?

It is impossible not to plan a photo shoot after your ceremony in the unique ambiance of the Paris streets and landmarks.
Even if on a wedding day, it is true, time is always an issue, we can arrange to choose one or two areas of the city that are important and meaningful to you where our job will be to get the most of the Parisian ambiance you are looking to remember in your wedding photos.
And for your wedding reception, why not think of a boat cruise on the river Seine, The cruise is ideal for photos of the most famous monuments of Paris from the deck of the yacht. A real time saver and special gift to treat your guests to!
You can follow our everyday activities and portraits in Paris on our blog where all our photos of weddings and Parisian portraits are presented and updated regularly. We could recommend to you great wedding planner.

Rates and contact

Our rates start at 900€ for 3 hours of photo + all the picture in HD, please contact us for more information about our pre-wedding, elopement and engagement packages in Paris.

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Engagement photo session in Paris by night