Your portrait session in Paris
and Arles

We have two studios to receive you for your headshot photography, one in Paris and one in Arles. A session lasts between three quarter of an hour to an hour, we invite you to come up with several outfits, we advise you to prefer dark suits and / or united who are well worth face, expressions and eyes. For female portraits, professional makeup is not necessary, this can be a good way to feel more comfortable with your image, but it should remain light.

We offer different atmospheres, on black, gray or white. It is important to clarify that we take care of everything at the place of the meeting, it is we who will set you up, get you moving and finding the body position that will put you in value. Then all through dialogue and it is we who will take you and bring out your different expressions and intensity of your look. We are well aware that numbers of us are not of great relaxed face a purpose and that’s why we take you in hand, our goal is to make you spend a nice time in relaxation so that the shot is successful. It is our responsibility to make you your personality through our warm and human approach. You simply have to trust us and indulge in our guidelines.

This is because being alone with a photographer may seem intimidating as we strive to create an intimate and friendly moment. We photographed a large number of individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds, our long experience of studio portrait allows us to link quickly and thus make a significant dimension to our studio portraits. We are of course listen to your wishes and desires but we can also take the liberty to take you in a different direction depending on the course of the meeting. We have a true artistic look and bring to a glamorous portraits for individuals and magazine picture, a black and deep and neat white, chic side, authentic and timeless.

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It’s always an amazing experience to live a session in the studio and we are fortunate to have very much enthusiastic feedback on our image as the time spent together. The exchange between the photographer and the model is a unique moment, always different and our approach is absolutely not formatted, making the experience faster we find the best angles, the best approach, the excitement of discovery and the exchange is still intact.

Your an acteur or actress, writer, author, designer.. you need a picture that looks like you, and show how great personality you have to share with social media and journalist : we are specialize in this specific activity.

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Learn more about our portraits studio sessions

The price of an individual portrait session in the studio is 350 €, it included all the selected images and optimized (about 30 portraits) in high definition and copyright free. We have two studios shooting: one in central Paris and the other in the historical center of Arles in Provence.
For more information about availability or if you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us.