seance engagement couple

Where to organize our photo session?

We offer several options based on personal taste but everything is possible! You are Parisian or you’re in love with Paris? A session in the most beautiful place in the capital is a must, Paris is a terribly photogenic city and it is a beautiful playground for a beautiful photo shoot. If you like Provence, olive trees and lavender fields, we can also arrange a session in the Alpilles or the Luberon and put you on stage in the beautiful landscapes of the south of France. Other places are possible according to your ideas, for you to tell us what would make you happy! We often associate the engagement sessions for outdoor shooting but do not forget the studio for a completely different style, in a spirit of fashion magazine for pictures posed but never frozen. You decide what you like best!

How long is a session?

The time is depending on the locations and the potential transport time but average it takes three hours for outdoor sitting and 1 hour for a session in the studio. 3 hours in Paris is already largely has time to make 5 or 6 different places and to turn around the subject. In the studio, we do great things in 1 hour, not least because it takes time to direct you and feel your personality, not much more because it takes a lot more concentration than a lifestyle session mode.

What are your rates?

For a session of 3 hours in Paris, it takes € 900, you get all the good free pictures on a private gallery, black and white and color. For Provence and other regions, everything will depend on the location of your shooting and the number of locations you want, it is best to contact us for exact rate. For a studio portrait session, it takes € 350 for 1 hour.

How to organize our session?

Just send us an email with your wishes and the period for which you want to organize the meeting. Instead, we recommend planning your wedding photo shoot in low season, in autumn, winter and early spring, we are more flexible in available. We are much less available from June to September.

Do you have any instructions or advice?

For the sake of harmony and aesthetics, we advise you to be matched to the level of your outfits. In the studio, the dark is preferred to bring out the faces and eyes, or allow prints that attract the eye too much. Light makeup is welcome. We just want you to pass a very good time and the best is to wear clothes make you confortable and chic. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us any questions or expose your photographic project.