We are based in Paris and in Arles, south of France, but we are always ready to travel through France to capture wedding days. If you love our work, we follow us in Normandy, Dordogne, Burgundy… all over you organized your beautiful day. Here is a list of top wedding venues in France classefied by region. Follow these links to see real weddings featured in our blog.

Weddings near Paris

Private venue wedding in the French Countryside

A very chic french and american wedding near Paris in a private venue, a family house lost in the forest. Enjoy on our blog this beautiful day and the beautiful set up!


 Wedding at the Château de Mont Royal Chantilly


Here is a beautiful wedding with an Orthodox ceremony who was held in Paris followed by the party at the Chateau Mont Royal Chantilly: very fun and moving images to see in our wedding blog.

Château d’Esclimont Wedding


The Château d’Esclimont is a spectacular setting for a wedding just near outside Paris: we covered many wedding in this spectacular castle. Here is a multicultural and very wedding to discovered in our blog.

Ceremony at Domaine de la Butte Ronde


Domaine de la Butte Ronde is a magnificent wedding venue located less an hour from Paris. Here is a beautiful story with a very moving ceremony and a festive evening to enjoy on our blog.

Wedding in Burgundy

Château de Pierreclos wedding


We are listed for several years by the Château de Pierreclos for which we made the images shown in the venue website. We love to work in this wedding venue : here is a beautiful wedding day in Burgundy.

Wedding in Touraine

Le Château de la Bourdaisière

Château de la Bourdaisière is one the most beautiful chateau in Touraine : here is a beautiful british wedding all organized in the garden’s chateau with a beautiful informal ceremony in the beautiful rosary garden. Enjoy this great day in our blog:


Wedding in Dordogne

Château Soulac Wedding, Dordogne


A beautiful British wedding in Dordogne organized in the Château Soulac, great wedding venue in France, with a ceremony under the trees in the garden during a sunny day in summer.

Corsica Wedding

Corsica wedding, Calvi


Beauty Island is the second name of Corsica: this is one the best region to organized wedding party in France. Here is a wedding day in Calvi with beautiful Corsica landscape and great atmosphere during spring.